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Push Green


Push Green

Kent Displays is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of no power liquid crystal displays for unique, sustainable applications. Push Green™ represents our commitment to sustainability through technology innovation, both in the type of products we bring to market and the processes we use to manufacture them.


Our revolutionary Reflex™ displays do not require power to retain an image. Power is only required to change an image, which is often provided by a small battery or even a solar cell. Because of no power image retention, Reflex displays provide significant energy savings compared to traditional backlit LCDs. Reflex displays also provide the opportunity to conserve significant natural resources through ePaper applications - especially LCD eWriters in schools.

Case Study

eNote LCD eWriters: An environmentally-friendly, cost-effective paper replacement for schools
Paper Replacement for Schools

Q. How many sheets of paper could one age group of U.S. school children save using an eNote Writing Tablet for 13 years (K-12)?

A. 10 Trillion!


  • One eNote tablet could potentially be used by one student from kindergarten thru high school (At 20 erasures/day, and with a maximum of 50K total erase cycles, the usable life = 13+ years)
  • One age group equals approximately 4 million students (Source: 2006 U.S. Census)
  • Paper savings based on annual consumption of four 5”x8” notepads per student. 50 sheets/pad.

Total Sheets Saved Calculation:

  • 4 pads/year x 4 million students = 16 million pads/year
  • 16 million pads/year x 13 years = 208,000,000 total pads
  • 208 million pads x 50 sheets/pad = 10 trillion sheets

Paper Cost Calculation (one student, 13 years, USD):

  • Cost per “Sheet” (eNote): $40 (suggested retail) / 50,000 erasures = $0.0008
  • Cost per Sheet (paper): $31 (52 pads x $0.58 each) / 2600 sheets (52 pads x $50 sheets each) = $0.012 (15x more than eNote cost)


In October 2008, Kent Displays installed the first roll-to-roll manufacturing line of its kind in Kent, Ohio. The new line manufactures displays from rolls of conductor-coated plastic and offers numerous environmental advantages over sheet-based processes including no waste water or chemicals and less solvent emissions.

Join Kent Displays’ commitment to a sustainable future. Think Green. Be Green. Push Green™.