• Kent Displays CEO reappointed to U.S. Manufacturing Council for Third Term
  • Kent Displays Debuts Two New Boogie Board eWriters at CES
  • Kent Displays Receives Best Commercialization Award for Boogie Board Sync
  • New Tegware Bagel protective case for iPhone 6

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Obama Highlights Kent Displays at Small Business Forum

February 22 2011

Whitehouse.gov (Full Closing Remarks Video)



February 22 2011

C-SPAN (Full Closing Remarks Video)



February 22 2011

Obama Team Holds Business Summit

NPR Morning Edition


February 22 2011

Obama Goal is to Help Small Businesses



February 21 2011

Kent: Small business CEO will advise Obama

WKYC Cleveland


February 23 2011

Obama praises Brimfield company in Northeast Ohio stop

Akron Beacon Journal


February 22 2011

President Focuses on Small Business



February 23 2011

President Obama praises Kent Displays

Kent State University


April 1 2013

Hype builds over Boogie Board

Crain's Cleveland


August 16 2012

Kent Displays named in NAMII Project

The White House Blog


March 1 2012

Roll-to-roll flexible LCD plant in US



March 1 2012

Kent Displays starts up new production line

Record Pub


March 1 2012

The Sounding Board



December 2 2011

High Product Demand at Kent Displays Spurs Employment

San Francisco Chronicle


October 13 2011

Kent Displays Continues to Grow

Akron Legal News


October 6 2011

Kent Displays Mentioned In Presidential Speech

Ohio News Network


September 20 2011

Technology Spotlight: Boogie Board Tablets



September 15 2011

Boogie Board Gets Better



September 14 2011

OUR VIEW: Kent Displays in spotlight

Record Courier


September 9 2011

IFA 2011 Review



September 9 2011

Cleveland's next hot jobs

WKYC Cleveland


September 8 2011

Special Guests at the Speech



September 8 2011

President's jobs speech: What to look for

WKYC Cleveland


September 8 2011

Obama's Guest List Offers Clues To His Themes

Vermont Public Radio


September 8 2011

President's Speech: Tons of Ohioans in the House

Dispatch Politics


September 8 2011

President's jobs speech: What to look for

WKYC Cleveland


September 8 2011

In the First Lady's Box: The Guest List.

The Wall Street Journal


September 8 2011

At Obama Jobs Speech, Small Business Is in Audience

The New York Times


August 12 2011

Kent Displays sees sales boogie thanks to Boogie Boards

Crain’s Cleveland Business


July 20 2011

Kent Displays Adds 40 New Jobs

Cleveland News Blog


June 2011

New Writing Tablet Transforms More Than Liquid Crystals

The National
Science Foundation


May 2011

Download PDF

Introducing the Boogie Board



February 23 2011

President Obama praises Kent Displays

Kent State University


February 2011

Beyond Conventional Display Applications: Cholesteric Reflective LCDs

Information Display


January 28 2011

Kent Displays selected for trade trip to India



December 11 2010

NE Ohio well-positioned for future



November 10 2010

Northeast Ohio Could Become Hub for Flexible Electronics

The Plain Dealer


November 10 2010

Banking on flexible plastic

Akron Beacon Journal


October 27 2010

Democrats Make Pitch at Kent Displays



September 21 2010

'Flexible electronics' industry gets local boost

Akron Beacon Journal


September 17 2010

Kent Displays Engineer Featured in KSU Commercials

Record Courier


August 27 2010

Plus Bus Tour Visits Kent Displays

Akron Beacon Journal


August 23 2010

Download PDF

Kent Displays on First Cleveland Plus Bus Tour

Cleveland Plus


June 24 2010

Applications of the Kent Displays eTablet

Intellectual Property Library


June 24 2010

Symposium features fields with job growth

Akron Beacon Journal


June 20 2010

Kent Displays chief likes energy, enthusiasm

The Plain Dealer


Apr 9 2010

Ohio Third Frontier Creates Jobs for Ohioans

The Ohio Business Development Coalition


Mar 24 2010

Kent Displays Awarded Third Frontier Funding

Ohio Department of Development


Feb 21 2010

Download PDF

Kent Displays Wins 2010 Nortech Innovation Award

Crain's Cleveland Business


Feb 21 2010

Groups Push For Renewal of Job-Creating Grants

Akron Beacon Journal


Dec 7 2009

Kent Displays Finalist for 2010 NorTech Innovation Award

Crain’s Cleveland Business


Nov 16 2009

Kent Displays Wins IMMY Award

The Record Publishing


Jul 08 2009

Electronic Skins at SID DisplayWeek 2009

NPR, All Tech Considered


Jun 17 2009

Beauty is Skin Deep for Cell Phones

Kent News Net


Apr 30 2009

Ohio Governor Strickland Visits Kent Displays

Record Courier


Apr 26 2009

CEO Green Building Consensus

Smart Business


Apr 14 2009

Good Jobs in Bad Times



Mar 24 2009

A Color eReader

Technology Review


December 3 2014

Pacific NW SID Technical Talk: Advance in eWriters

Beaverton, Oregon

December 16 – 18 2014

Model-Based Enterprise Summit

Gaithersburg, Maryland

January 6 – 9 2015

CES 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada

January 12 – 15 2015

HK Toys & Games Fair

Hong Kong

February 14 – 17 2015

TIA Toy Fair

New York City, New York

We really like the ability to name the drive and have it show up on the internal display on the drives front. So when I glance at the drives, (have more than two) I can know what's on what drive. AND GET THIS: The Verbatim InSight ALWAYS tells you how much space you've used and continually updates the capacity left. NICE!! No more running out of space in middle of a video project or loading .mp3 music.

product review of Verbatim InSight Portable Hard Drive, amazon.com


Innovative "Always on" display tells me available free disk space. I can personalize my display and highlight my name or what I have on it.

product review of Verbatim InSight Portable Hard Drive, newegg.com


Always ON! Needs NO power!!...We love the digital readout of usage. Display is always on and auto-calculates the avail. free space even when disconnected from computer. No more running out of storage space suddenly. Plus, you can name your drive! ie: "mp3 & Pics". This way I know whats on each Verbatim Drive I have.

product review of Verbatim InSight Portable Hard Drive, newegg.com


I think this technology could be a big hit for children. Right now there are magnetic drawing tablets that are marginally legible. The eNote technology...I think would fly off the shelves at Christmas time.

product review for LCD eWriters


Very intuitive..."magic" when you erase it.

product review for LCD eWriters


My imagination isn’t broad enough to anticipate the impact of e-Skin technologies – but I am quite certain this technology will change the world in ways we can only begin to imagine, perhaps more significant than the advances of the display industry as a whole in the past couple of decades...

Mark Fihn

Display Industry Analyst, Veritas et Visus


I'm very impressed with the technology...And I'm even more impressed with the leadership at Kent Displays and the partnership with the university.

Dewey Chapman

superintendent for the Portage County Educational Service Center


...a device that could change colors. It looks like some company called Kent Displays based out of the USA have made the first generation of that vision possible.

Cell Phone News 2.com


Guess the old blackboard and chalk combo just won't make the cut anymore these days, not when you have stuff like the Kent Displays eTablet Electronic Writing Tablet.



I think this technology is an enormous market changer...The advent of single-pixel e-Skin technology shifts the world of displays to a much broader range of applications...

Mark Fihn

Display Industry Analyst, Veritas et Visus


The demo video...must be seen, it’s absolutely nutty.

(in reference to Reflex LCD Electronic Skins)


The mobile phone has always been seen as a type of fashion accessory, especially with the ladies, and now it appears that the perfect outfit matching mobile phone is on the horizon.

(in reference to Reflex LCD Electronic Skins)


Kent Displays Reflex LCD Electronic Skins may be the perfect partner to your fickle ways, changing colors on demand to suit your every mood and/or outfit.

(in reference to Reflex LCD Electronic Skins)


Phone that can change color is the first step toward a whole new world of awesome.

(in reference to Reflex LCD Electronic Skins)


But it wasn’t until I actually saw Kent Displays' demonstration of e-Skins recently ...that I realized just how important this development really is...

Mark Fihn

Display Industry Analyst, Veritas et Visus
(in reference to Reflex LCD Electronic Skins)


I'm looking forward to them covering virtually every consumer device.

reader comment from engadget.com
(in reference to Reflex LCD Electronic Skins)


...no longer do you need to skin your iPods as the display can be changed at your whim and fancy to show off any color or pattern of your choice.

(in reference to Reflex LCD Electronic Skins)