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Title Date Author(s) Related Product(s)
Energy Efficient Flexible Reflex® Displays 2009 Al Green, Erica Montbach, Nick Miller, Don Davis, Asad Khan, Tod Schneider, J. William Doane Reflex® Electronic Skins, LCD eWriters

We report on inherently low power, flexible, reflective, bistable cholesteric liquid crystal displays, with the Reflex brand. Several novel application spaces are discussed and their low power impact, including; Reflex electronic skins and pressure sensitive writing tablets. Web processing of Reflex displays will also be discussed and how this represents a paradigm shift in display manufacturing...

A Flexible Touch-Sensitive Writing Tablet 2008 Tod Schneider, Greg Magyar, Sankar Barua, Todd Ernst, Nick Miller, Sean Franklin, Erica Montbach, Don Davis, Asad Khan, J. William Doane LCD eWriters

We present a flexible touch-sensitive writing tablet utilizing a reflective bistable cholesteric liquid crystal laminated between two conductive-polymer coated polyethyleneterephthalate substrates...

Novel pulsed Drive Scheme for Improved Gray-Level Uniformity of Large-Area Cholesteric Displays 2008 Duane Marhefka, Nithya Venkataraman, Asad Khan, Sankar Barua, Forrest Nicholson, Todd Ernst, J. William Doane LCD Modules

A new drive scheme is presented for producing uniform grays over large-area, low-resolution cholesteric liquid crystal displays. Gray-level sensitivity to display non-uniformities is minimized, which simplifies display manufacturing...


Title Related Product(s)
Applications and Review of Rigid and Flexible Cholesteric Displays LCD Modules, Reflex® Electronic Skins, LCD eWriters
Recent Progress in Color Flexible Reflective Cholesteric Displays LCD Modules, Reflex® Electronic Skins, LCD eWriters